Did You Know The Service Interval of Antifreeze is 2 Years?

As a friendly reminder we would like to remind you to check your antifreeze.  The average service interval of antifreeze is two years, we recommend to drain and fill your cooling system with extended life antifreeze to extend the service interval to 5 years.


  • Directly from Polaris:
  • New Extended Life Antifreeze Service Information:
  • [April 24, 2014]

Polaris is transitioning to a new antifreeze formulation in all liquid cooled applications. The current green 60/40 formulation will be replaced by a new yellow 50/50 Extended Life formulation which extends the antifreeze service interval from 2 to 5 years. Current green antifreeze is 100% compatible and can be mixed with the new Polaris Extended Life Antifreeze; however, mixing will not extend the service interval. To receive the full Extended Life product benefits, drain the entire cooling system and fill with new Extended Life Antifreeze product. The new Extended Life Antifreeze will be available to order at Babbitt's in the following quantities: 1 us quart and 1 us gallon.