For many of us, dirt can be a badge of honor, a visual representation of the amount of fun we had on our latest adventure. And while there are some that like to pile honor on top of honor, most of us prefer to wash it off to prepare for another day

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If you’re using a power washer to remove the dirt, grime, or even ice from your vehicle, be sure to keep this is mind


 DON’T apply direct pressure to electrical connectors or seals 



What may happen if water enters electrical connections

If you accidentally apply direct pressure to your electrical connectors, it’s possible you will experience poor drive ability. Your engine may misfire or backfire.

If this happens, shut the engine off immediately and begin disconnecting every electrical connector and apply direct air to remove any water. Ideally do this with an air compressor and not your mouth as you may accidentally spit in the connector. And, well, that’s just adding to your problem.


Preventing water from entering your electrical connections

To help prevent water related electrical issues, a silicon-based sealant can be put inside your electrical connections to help keep water out. We use and recommend dielectric grease



STEP 1: Open your electrical connectors

Step 1: Open your electrical connectors


STEP 2: Apply liberally to both ends of the plugs

STEP 2: Apply liberally to both ends of the plugs


STEP 3: Reconnect your electrical connectors

STEP 3: Reconnect your electrical connectors


STEP 4: Wipe off excess sealant

STEP 4: Wipe off excess sealant



We recommend applying sealant one time annually at the beginning of your riding season.



This is a simple maintenance task that can be completed by just about anyone. Unless you don’t have the time, there’s no need to bring your vehicle into a dealership for this maintenance. If your vehicle is going in for service, be sure to ask them to take care of this for you.


Where to purchase

Dielectric grease can easily be purchased at your local auto parts store!



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