Polaris Safety Bulletin: April 2, 2018

2017 ACE 500/570/900 models, may be affected with a Fuel Pump Cover Issue 

Safety Recall: 

2017 ACE 500/570/900 models were manufactured with a fuel pump flange assembly that when exposed to certain chemicals may degrade over time, and may result in a fuel leak. If a fuel leak occurs in the presence of an ignition source, this may lead to a fire hazard.

To address this issue, Polaris has designed a fuel pump cover to shield the pump flange from potential contamination. It should be installed as described in the instructions below.

Your service department MUST perform the following actions as directed by this Safety Bulletin:
1. Each member of your service department team must review this Safety Bulletin in its entirety.
2. Each member of your service department team must watch the training video prior to completing ANY work, or submitting ANY warranty claim for this Safety Bulletin. 


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Safety Consequence:
Could lead to a fire hazard 

Not sure if you have a recall or not?
Email us your vin # and we can notify you, if your machine has a safety recall. 

Have your recall completed in the off-season when it doesn't cut into to your riding time.  
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