Polaris Safety Bulletin: March 27, 2018

2015-2018 Slingshot / SL / SLR / GT models, may be affected with a seat base frames, and may require an inspection/replacement

Safety Recall: 

A small number of Slingshot vehicles may have been manufactured with defective seat base frames, including one or both of the following issues:

  • Driver-sideandpassenger-sideseatbaseframesmayhavebeenimproperlymanufactured,lackingoneor more welds. The absence of one or more welds can compromise the strength of the mount and cause the seatback frame and/or seatbelt buckle to separate from the seat base frame, increasing the risk of injury during a crash.

  • Driver-sideseatbaseframesmaycontainaseatsliderdefectwhichmaycausetheseattoslidewithoutdriver input during acceleration or braking events, increasing the risk of a crash.

    To address this concern, dealers should follow the inspection process outlined in Part A to ensure all seatbase frame welds are present. Additionally, for driver-side seats, complete a driver seat slider test to ensure the mechanism is engaging properly. If a defect is found during the inspection, replace the seat base as directed in the instructions of this bulletin. 


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Safety Consequence:
Could increase risk of a crash 

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